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Lon Pinko 3 years ago. The PaulMcCartney Project 3 years ago. Overview Concerts Albums. Lyrics And if you take your love away from me, I'm only going to want it back. Officially appears on.

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Your comment Cancel reply. Peerke 4 years ago The version on Pizza and Fairytales is a live version , recorded on November 24, , during the Royal Variety Show. In memory there is survival, but in Christ there is something more: refreshment and restoration. You and I can no more transmogrify a torture chamber into a paradise than we can transform ourselves into cherubim or cherry trees.

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He hardly seems the sort to transmit gospel truth. So is it possible for the disreputable to serve as conduits for truth and beauty and goodness? But is Pound right in this instance? Does what he says here accord with the truth of the gospel? You and I undoubtedly do not love or do well enough, in any regard. But the Savior is the One who does all things well, and his sufficient loving has secured that which he and we in him have loved. In our justification, the perfect loving of Jesus Christ is accounted our own. In whatever ways we have been deficient, our deficiencies are the gap through which he distills his grace and imparts greater ability.

For Christ is not withdrawing—he is venturing further up and further in, to the heart of reality and wedding together Earth and Heaven as they had been, from the very beginning, meant to be; he is inhabiting every dimension of existence and gathering up every broken fragment so as to reunite all that was true and good and beautiful; he is going to the Father so as to fill every emptiness and evacuate all nothingness; he is ascending to a sphere no human being ever has before so as to draw closer to us than he ever had in his pilgrimage in Palestine.

In his ascension he is not maximizing the distance between him and those he loves: he is occupying the place humankind was meant to inhabit beside God, living and ruling as his intermediaries. Yet a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me. In the moment of his saying this they did not understand: How would the world not see him, but they would? It is through the Christ that our estrangement from God is overcome and in Christ that we encounter the disarmingly human face of God. But it is in the Spirit that we find our home in the life God shares with us.

The Spirit is the One who grafts us into the flesh of Christ and gives us a share in his life and love, in the restoration of the fragments he is shoring up now in heaven as it will be on Earth in the life of the world to come. The Spirit is the living Love that unites Father and Son and both within the other, and he is the presence of the Beloved in our midst where he does not appear to be.

And this is only possible because the Holy Spirit makes him present to us, draws us into the heavenly places to his glorious presence.

He is our reward, and all things are in him, especially, perhaps, those beloved things we feared we had squandered and lost. This last verse apparently means that nothing of the past is lost, that God seeks out with us the past that belongs to us to reclaim it. All we have loved is encapsulated in the Incarnate One, the archetype and representative of the creation, the source and engine of all loves loved well. The fragments of what could and should have been are restored to wholeness and grafted onto the source of its life.

His ascension is not our deprivation of what we have loved well but its accomplishment and enlargement, for the broken shards of our imperfect loves are even now being healed and reunited. Peter is simply the Rock; John simply is the Beloved Disciple; both fiercely alive with the love that Jesus Christ was and still is to them. These qualities which have steadily hummed beneath the surface of their more notorious missteps and failures of character now eschatologically define their character.

And the Christ is assuming the throne of all that is to ensure that definitive assessment is recognized and ratified by all. Yes, there is a sense in which the Feast of the Ascension is another Thursday in another year with nothing intrinsic to it to effect renewal. Does the God who gestated within the womb of Mary really have such disregard for the momentousness of the crest and trough of time and our passage through it as we strive to become ourselves?

For the only God is the One who took on our frame and adorned himself with dust. That the time they are spending together lasts and lasts …. Durjoy lives in New Delhi, loves dogs and is an active Crossfitter. Certified Buyer , Durgapur. Certified Buyer , Mumbai.


Only Love Remains

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When Love Remains When Love Remains
When Love Remains When Love Remains
When Love Remains When Love Remains
When Love Remains When Love Remains
When Love Remains When Love Remains

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