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Every sensor on the probe also has to be similarly hardened. One of the biggest challenges, says Kremic, was figuring out how to power the probe for a full 60 days.

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Many deep space missions rely on small nuclear reactors to generate power, but LLISSE will use a heat-activated thermal battery similar to the kind found in missiles. Kremic and his team want the probe to last that long so it can witness the transition between night and day.

If they land late in a Venusian day, which lasts almost four Earth months, they think they can eke out enough battery life to make that happen. The mission would consist of a Venus orbiter, a large, short-lived lander, and a smaller long-duration lander.

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The Russians would build the orbiter and large lander while NASA would supply the long-duration lander. But the Venera-D mission is far from certain.

In January, the joint US-Russian Venera-D team released its phase 2 report detailing the science a long-lived lander could conduct on Venus, and earlier this month a workshop in Russia examined potential landing sites on the planet. If NASA decides to go forward with the project at that point, the probe will have to be rebuilt with flight-ready components.

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Venus’ Ocean of Air and Clouds

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Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report
Venus Report Venus Report

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