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Some of them look like the Ephemera danica we find in France and they take off gently from the surface. Just upstream from a deep pool made by the island, a fast current got my attention. I cast my nymphs tandem and within a few drifts, medium size graylings take turns.

Rising Tide Communities

There is no doubt on the density anymore. Amongst them, two trout with dark marking, typical from Northern Europe. I decided to prospect both arms of the island. On the other side, there is a long pool with a powerful white-water head. A few fish were rising at the tail of the pool. I started as far down as possible because of the important depth close to the bank with this level.

The current is strong, the water colour is dark, and the substratum is unstable, making wading very technical and dangerous. Therefore, even for the fittest, a wading stick is necessary. This logic followed us for the whole duration of the trip. Focus on the main fast currents, even those which look too violent is a key and you would be surprised to see where the graylings are feeding.

I joined my mate Olivier who also caught fish on nymphs after trying to prospect, blind fishing with a dry without results. Our observations were similar: Lapland graylings, even more than their French cousins, prefer the main current of the river. Around 1p.

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It was also our first introduction with the local mosquitos which had spared us until now. After the meal, we headed back to the game, hunting for rises on the flat just upstream. Some graylings are already rising. Olivier reckons that a good presentation and a drag-free drift are much more important than the fly choice in those conditions.

The fish gave proved him right and he caught a few in a row while fishing three quarter downstream with small ginger caddis in sizes 14 and There was no doubt that with a lower level, fishing opportunities would be fantastic. It was mostly due to the incredible quantity of mayflies hatching during our trip. For those who like to fish with down and across with a wet fly, the configuration is perfect with all those long pools.

So we decided to fish a smaller volume, if possible on dry from the beginning. We discussed that matter with our host and as a good local fisherman, he knew exactly what we were looking for.

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He submitted the idea to fish a tributary located 50 kilometres away. And like the day before, he came to show us around.

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  5. The river was about 10m wide and flooding between 2 dams. This portion was only a couple of km long, but we found a way of fishing much more pleasant. As everywhere else in Lapland, the profile is a succession of peat flats and rocky bottom sections with more slope. Here, we caught graylings and trout on the dry, targeting the head of the flat sections. Those brown trout, very dark and with black marking are delightful. But on the opposite bank this time. We just met 3 Danish fishermen and while having the traditional conversation, we asked for some information.

    We noticed that they were using ginger caddis as well.

    How to find Graylings in big rivers

    On the banks, we took a moment to observe. The pool was ideal for nymphing, so we decided to give it a go. They are very fussy and dragging is not allowing any catch. As they are not incredible fighters, you can use a fine tippet without worrying too much, even with the big subjects. During the entire trip, we noticed that the graylings stick together in schools of individuals with the same size. On the evening, we finally caught up with Alban at the lodge and he spoiled us with a delightful home-made chili con carne.

    Grayling Fishing | Euro Nymphing |

    I had bad faith regarding Nordic cuisine through the drive from the airport, but our hosts proved me wrong during our entire stay. Even though I am not very fussy about food on an intensive fishing trip, days are very long and exhausting under those latitudes. A good meal with healthy local products is a luxury and Olivier and I have been particularly sensitive about it. Diner time was around 8 p. For the bravest, you can fish until 1 a. Between 1 and 3, a hint of darkness appears. For the end of our trip, Alban stayed with us and proposed an interesting programme.

    Stolen Child

    We will explore new spots, starting with a tributary of the Vojman River, which barely sees any fisherman and where he has agreements with landowners to come and fish as much as he wants. But I have a good feeling with Alban despite his very poor music tastes, and I followed him without speculation. As soon as we dropped off, mosquitos started to harass us. The river was just here, but with a very interesting profile.

    Some big graylings are already rising in the head of the waterhole and the first hook up is caught on a very classic model of caddis. In the deeper section just downstream, Alban caught some small graylings with lures, his favourite technique. The local graylings have a committed approach to the game.

    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising
    The Graylings Rising

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