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Thank you to the event sponsors. Breakout Sponsors:. Conversation Station Sponsors:. Western Slope Region January 25, 9 a. Northern Colorado Region April 18, 9 a. Sure, they're fundamental. But, they're also categorically secret. Not in the terms of nobody knowing or understanding them. More so, people simply overlook them. And I knew, that if anyone had those proverbial secrets to success , it was Harrington.

Not convinced that sales is the basis for success? Just imagine for a moment what you're selling at any given moment. No, I'm not talking about products or services or information. I'm talking about selling yourself. You need to sell yourself at just about any point if you want to succeed:. Selling is everything. Hands down. Now, selling without holding steadfast to a variety of so-called secrets doesn't guarantee your long-term success.

Sure, you'll make some short-term progress. But, not strides. There won't be exponential growth. If sales is the basis to success in business, what are the secrets to succeeding at sales? At the foundation of any business, there are quite literally five fundamental keys that you need to have in place. This is not just about building an irresistible offer.

Yes, you need that.

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But, you need so much more in place before that's even concocted or created. While there are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of secrets to success, these five are crucial. Harrington says that if you follow these, you can navigate your way to success in the long term. Not in the short term. Remember, this is about consistency in your approach. It's not about faltering or giving up or making excuses.

It's about staying on the straight and narrow. Related: 11 Habits of Truly Happy People. Harrington talks a lot about value.

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It's the cornerstone to success. If you stopped to think about it right now, the richest people in the world have created the most value. Hands down, it's crucial if you're looking to win. So why is value so important you ask? While some people might be able to sell anything, that doesn't guarantee long-term success. If you put your own needs first before the consumer's, you'll lose. Harrington says that whatever you sell, manufacture, create or dream up, do it with the consumer's best interests at heart.

In other words, add insane amounts of value. Think about this for a moment.

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Before most of the world's most successful companies ever made a dime, they added value first. Facebook connected the world through a massive social network. Google provided the most uncannily accurate search results before it ever enabled you to run an ad. And so on. Not only should you deliver real value, but you should look for ways that you can improve the lives of others with whatever it is that you're peddling.

5 Secrets to Success in Business

Sure, you could sell anything to anyone for a brief period. But, if you're not improving the lives of consumers, you're really wasting your time. By building products, services or information that improves the lives of others, you can quite literally transform your business and catapult it into the stratosphere. We're talking long-term exponential growth. Beyond anything that you could quite possibly dream of.

That doesn't mean you can't profit from your efforts. It simply means that you have to focus on improving the consumer's life first and foremost. That's the key or the secret to success here.

Secrets to Success: 6 Secrets of Wildly Successful People | Science of People

Focus on that and watch as your business takes shape and reaches new heights. Ignore it, and watch it crash and burn. No one likes a sleazeball. You can't sell anything. Don't be that guy or girl that people dread speaking to. The used car salesman. The underhanded low-balling greedy saleswoman. A safe space is where you free yourself from all the crazy whirlwinds of thoughts and emotions to be who you really are and be able to think things through with your head straight.

And one of the simplest ways to do this is meditation. Meditation helps you get out of survival mode and activate the part of your brain that is capable of very important functions needed to help you change your situation such as critical thinking, decision making and logical reasoning. A great app I use is Headspace , which has a free version. We have two halves of our brains that serve very different purposes.


The left half of our brains are the logical side. The right side of our brain is where our emotions come from. Both sides are equally important to our mental health, but the reality is most people tend to be more dominant on one side depending on their experiences. I coached an individual once who was extremely logical and tried to make sense of every little detail. He would tell me when he watches a basketball game, he would start becoming focused on all the little details of how the game works to wondering about how they set up the court and what materials they used for the backboards.

I found out later on in the conversation that his dad cheated on mom when he was a kid. To add even more drama to the story, it turns out dad was a pastor. Never being able to properly process his emotions and make sense of things as a child pushed his left brain into overdrive to always try and make sense of everything. I can relate to his feeling to an extent, but it made me realize one of the biggest reasons for my unhappiness no matter what I tried was because I was only dominant in one half of my brain.

They were both logically intelligent and emotionally intelligent. Daniel J. Siegel shares a lot on how to integrate both halves of your brain in his bestselling book, Mindsight. So before you do all the outer work to try and change your circumstances, start with the necessary inner work to change your inner world before changing the outer one. I believe every individual has a unique set of passions and talents that can help fulfill an important need that exists in the world. Unfortunately, for most people these talents and passions are buried beneath all the stress and hard work involved in getting by with daily life. Cheers to keeping life beautiful. Sign in. Get started.

Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success
Secrets Of Success Secrets Of Success

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