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Entries Feed and Comments Feed. ENG A man bring the water from the well of sacred water. For the people Mari nature has a double meaning, not only vital economic resource but also and above all spiritual, the place where they can be officiated sacred rites. ITA Un uomo estrae acqua di una sorgente ritenuta sacra. ITA Una donna anziana sorseggia una birra di primo mattino. ENG Typical Mari country house. They live a very simple life, bucolic. Small villages made of dirt roads and few houses. ITA Tipica casa di campagna Mari.

ENG A woman go to wash clothes in the river during the summer. ITA Una donna intenta a lavare i panni nelle acque del fiume sacro. ENG Women discussing in a hot summer afternoon. Villaggio di Tonshaevo. Eng In short Russian summers, life takes place completely outside. ITA Due bambine fanno merenda con un cocomero in giardino.

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A young boy having fun while is running with the bike of his father in the countryside around the village. ITA Un giovane attraversa i campi con la moto di suo padre nelle campagne attorno al villaggio. ENG Most young people are having fun in the nature which returns to flourish, including an abundance of lakes and rivers that freeze during the winter and in the summer they offer unspoiled places of entertainment. ITA Ragazzini affacciati sul pontile dopo il bagno.

Durante il breve periodo estivo i giovani si divertono immersi nella natura che torna a fiorire.

Landscape around Novitarial village. Mari-El Republic.

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A woman coming back home before the sunset in winter time. Chursola village. ENG A flock of sacred geese. In the mythology of Mari people geese are the most important offering to the gods. ENG Home prayer.

The priest celebrates the prayer to bless the food before being taken in the ritual offering to the gods. Novitarial village, Mari-El Republic, ITA il Kart, principale leader spirituale benedice gli omaggi offerti da una famiglia prima che vengano portati al rituale nella foresta e offerti in dono agli dei.

Villaggio di Novitarial, Repubblica di Mari-el, ENG In the mythology of the Mari people, geese are the most significant. Each family rushes to the function with a goose for sacrifice, symbolizing the connection between various elements such as water, earth and sky.

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Before offering the life of the animal spirits, it is critical that this is calm and gentle because otherwise it would defeat the good wishes and, by doing so, the Kart caresses him with a leaf birch, first moistened and then heated on a fire to create a cloud of pleasant steam. Bosco sacro di Chursola. Repubblica di Mari-el For Mari represents the beginning of winter, therefore, given the harshness of the coming season, for them is the best time to ask the favor of the spirits that govern the cycles of life.

Among all the most important entity is Yumo, considered the creator of the highest laws governing the cosmos. Chursola sacred grow, Mari-El Republic. Bosco sacro di Chursola, Repubblica di Mari-El, ENG Fisherman on the bed of a frozen river. Chursola village, Mari-El Republic, Narrow your search:. Page 1 of 2.

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  5. Next page. Recent searches:. Part of a sacrificial scene, restored by Paul Francois, architect to the expedition of M Andre Parrot, from thousands of tiny fragments. Mari Modern Tell Hariri. Ancient Semitic city. Royal Palace. Throne room.


    Photo before Syrian Civil War. Andra Mari Street. In the background, Yohn Palace, La Bolsa. Old City. Pais Vasco. Amorite royal palace of Zimri-Lim ca. Mesopotamia Syria. Alep national museum Kser Zirrilim Palace, Amorite. English: Baking mold for pastry or bread, representing goats and a lion attacking a cow.

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    Bronze Age. Mary modern Tell Hariri. Acquaviva delle fonti. Yurinsky Sheremetev Castle.

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    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)
    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)
    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)
    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)
    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)
    Mari delle (Russian Edition) Mari delle (Russian Edition)

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