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This video shows temperatures rise under the high-emissions scenario, where carbon dioxide concentrations increase to about ppm by In the low-emissions scenario, a clear warming trend has developed over most of the continental U. In the high-emissions scenario, the average temperature across most of the U. Download x jpeg 1.

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By the end of the century, average temperatures have risen in both scenarios: 4. Recent Popular Related. Predicting Landslides.

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The boys can be seen working out during the song and dancing in the choir room with the Cheerios dancing with them. At the end of the performance, Finn applauds them but Artie seems taken back. Finn says they'll make the best calendar ever.

Jake, Ryder, and Sam: Hot in, so hot in here! So hot in, oh! Flirtatious, trying to show faces Ah! I'm waiting for the right time to shoot my steez You know Looking for the right time to flash them Gs, Then uh! I like dirty talk, but you're doing something wrong if you guys are full out monologuing each other during sex.

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Shouldn't you be just a smidge more carried away by the moment? The fact there were sex scenes constantly meant that I was bored the majority of the book. When I wasn't bored, I was usually pissed off. The object of my rage was Jenna. I wanted to reach through the pages and take her out of my misery so badly! She was completely mental!

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Seriously, what was going on in her brain??? She said she wanted a relationship with Bryce, but I honestly don't think she did.

No one could be that stupid without trying to deliberately sabotage things! Jenna decided to give Bryce a "taste of his own medicine" and play the playgirl because Anytime he made a move toward building a relationship she treated him like a booty call.

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All to keep him panting for more, of course. Also, what kind of drugs was this girl on? She was so hot and cold she seemed bipolar!

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She made it impossible for him to approach her for anything but sex, but then she sobbed and whined about him only wanting her for sex. I seriously wish Bryce had just dumped her and taken up with his hand. At least then I could have understood why he even liked his love interest.

Bryce wasn't a bad guy, but there wasn't anything about him that really stood out.

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He was just a prop for Jenna's lust and craziness. I was way more interested in Trey and Sarah. Now there's a couple who seems to have some tension. Maybe their relationship would actually be more interesting than watching paint dry!

Hot in Here Hot in Here
Hot in Here Hot in Here
Hot in Here Hot in Here
Hot in Here Hot in Here
Hot in Here Hot in Here

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