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The Court failed to establish that there stood a Temple dedicated to Ram, yet decided to accept the traditional belief that a Temple existed on the land where the Babri Masjid was built. The Court described the demolition of the Masjid in the s unlawful, yet failed to restore the mosque to Muslims. The Court claimed that its decision is based on law, but failed to present any legal document in support of the belief that the land was the birthplace of Ram. The Court failed to explain the existence of the Masjid for almost years as a place of worship.

The Court claimed that the mosque was not used as a place of worship until the beginning of the 19th century, yet restored the right of worship to a Hindu claimant in the Masjid land where there was no proof of Hindu worship.

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The court decision is based on politics and is not unbiased. But it is a decision of the highest legal institution of India. Muslims have announced their intention to accept the claim. But the acceptance does not mean that injustice is accepted. History would always record the decision of the Court a political one rooted in majoritarianism. There is no need to lament and no need to cry foul over the Indian Supreme Court's decision to award the land of the Babri Masjid to Hindus to construct the Ram Temple.

There is also no relevance to accept the five acres of land elsewhere to rebuild a new Masjid. Injustice is done, and injustice should be resisted and fought back. We know the reality that under the present government, every state institution would serve the interest of the political elites, belonging to upper-caste Hindus who believe in a militant and resurgent interpretation of Hinduism.

We know that there would be many more Muslim places of worship that would be taken away and awarded to upper-castes under the pretext that their gods and goddesses were born there.

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We also know that the Court succumbed to the political demands of Upper-caste Hindus despite the fact that it could not prove that there was a temple on whose land the Babri Masjid was built. The Court said that there was a structure under the mosque, but it did not say that the structure was that of a temple. There is no evidence that after the demolition of a temple, a mosque was built. On the basis of what archaeological insight can court decide that after years.

But the fact is that the court decided to favor Hindu's claim to build a Temple on the land where the Babri Masjid once stood and destroyed by the fanatics. We must realize the fact that the Supreme Court is not the ultimate agency of justice.

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There is an authority higher than every human authority that imparts justice to all those who are forced to accept injustice. That authority has yet to implement its verdict over this Court injustice. To educate every Muslim and empower each one with an understanding of faith that leads them to make their existence relevant to society and the time they live in. Mosques are symbols of Muslim's commitment and dedication to one God and the Guidance He has given to humanity. But the education and using it under the guidance of God to serve humanity are the real manifestation of our true faith.

We need to think outside the box to rejuvenate our community. We need to take steps to inspire ourselves for a future that is meaningful to us and others. Not only in India but elsewhere, we must organize ourselves to ensure that no Muslim child remains uneducated in modern sciences.

Simultaneously, we must also ensure that each Muslim child receives a basic religious education to empathize with humanity as part of a commitment to God. I am so sad that she was left like that. Luxury homes and yachts, damaged by the storm at Brigatine Bay. A gated community, normally locked and guarded, is now deserted.

A truck knocked on to its side, after the hurricane passed through Treasure Cay. More than 3, people have been evacuated from Grand Bahama and Abaco to Nassau, but the much smaller island cannot accommodate them all for long. And despite rumours that their home islands might be quarantined and warnings of disease spreading, some have already started to return. In total an estimated 76, people on Grand Bahama and Abaco have been left homeless and are in need of help, according to the United Nations. Some with means are trying to get to family in the US but finding themselves trapped.

Donald Trump has said that America will not waive documentation requirements for those hit by the hurricane. The Pepe family queue with others to get a flight out of Abaco. Residents of Abaco survey the damage to homes and communities. There is no way to survive here. The school has been destroyed, how can I go back to school? Her question echoes the concerns of all those left on the island.

Church Rebuilt in Chile

The main roads connecting Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour, where 90 per cent of the infrastructure had been destroyed, have now been cleared. But the detritus of the hurricane still blocks the majority of the streets and the clean-up task appears overwhelming. Some beginning to piece things back together are locals who were being paid to look after the houses for their rich owners. David Macintosh, 26, had been looking after the marina in Treasure Cay, which he manages, and had been joined by his girlfriend Noella Mills.

They saved around 12 boats but many, including huge yachts, were now littered in the gardens or even on top of the once-exclusive houses which overlooked the water. The top floor of a two storey home lies upside down in the road. Having had to swim to safety in the storm, the couple have now temporarily moved into one of the houses which overlooks the marina whilst they work out how to begin their lives afresh.

Their home in Marsh Harbour has been destroyed. One person even came into the property they are staying in.

All around the islands people were telling the same story. That they were warned that this was going to be bad, but no one envisaged the destruction that Dorian wreaked. They did not know it was a category five storm until it was too late.

Macron: France to rebuild Notre Dame ‘even more beautifully’

We will look at why volunteering in ministry matters and how to get members volunteering at your parish. Tom and Kelly talk about creating a clear discipleship path for your parishioners and list three crucial steps to getting started. Tom and Kelly share lessons we are learning about taking hospitality to the next level including feeling over function and WOW The Rebuilt Parish Podcast. Loading Downloads. Follow Share.

Churches Rebuilt in Russia

Episode 28 - churchmoney October 1, Episode 27 - Rebuilt Conference September 11, We grow through relationships. Our friends influence the direction of our lives. To grow as followers of Christ we need friends in faith.

Faith Rebuilt Faith Rebuilt
Faith Rebuilt Faith Rebuilt
Faith Rebuilt Faith Rebuilt
Faith Rebuilt Faith Rebuilt
Faith Rebuilt Faith Rebuilt

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