Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey

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Growing through the Stages

He desires that we not merely know about Him intellectually but that we know Him experientially. He reveals Himself to us most clearly through the pages of scripture. If we limit our spiritual growth to what God is saying to other people, we have missed the very essence of the personal relationship that we have with Him. The greatest thing you can pray for another Jesus Follower is that they will know the heart of God through the Word of God.

As Jesus followers, we have the opportunity to devote our lives to something of infinite value that will last forever Jesus calls His followers to seek His Kingdom first.

Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey

God is better at taking care of us than we are at taking care of ourselves. God calls and invites His children to talk with Him in prayer.

God desires we have a hunger to be with Him through the avenue of conversation with Him in prayer. As we do, we will become keenly aware and abundantly grateful of and for His love and care for us.

Church Planting Devotional - Daily Encouragement on the Journey

As Jesus Followers, we have the amazing privilege of being led by our Heavenly Father. He knows us best and loves us the most. At Hope Church, we desire to experience the incredible plan God has for us. We are desperate to continue to hear from Him and then simply respond in obedience.

By seeking God and depending on Him, He will lead you and your family to what will be best for you and His Kingdom. He will tell you! God has been incredibly gracious to us as a family of faith. Since Hope Church was planted in , we have been riding a wave of the favor of God, and we have a lot to praise and thank Him for. However, while we are deeply grateful for the past, we are also very excited about the future…after all, its just the beginning! Jesus was consumed with the activity of the Father. In fact, He only did what was initiated by the Father. We desire for God to speak to every person at Hope Church as they consider their level of personal sacrifice, over and above their regular financial giving, in order to join in His activity.

Jesus invites us to join Him in His activity of reaching people locally and globally. What a privilege! They are like sheep without a shepherd. Through the Next Campaign, we are praying that God would allow us to impact areas of crisis within our community such as education, foster care, and sexual exploitation and abuse. Jesus tells us to pray that God would send out people to join in His mission of making disciples.

One of the ways His mission is accomplished is through church planting. We are seeking to create even more effective pathways for those called by God to be developed and sent to plant churches. What He can do for you too. It is necessary to believe in the message, understand its values and to follow Him.

Evangelism without Christ is nothing more than an interesting presentation which may convince some of the value of Christianity but never lead us to the salvation of God, for the salvation of God is Christ. When man prays, God works. Missiologists and researchers such as David Garrison, David Barrett and many others have mentioned the clear link between prayer and church planting.

Ethnic groups, neighborhoods, streets and cities that have been the target of prayer are precisely the peoples and places where the Gospel has rooted itself with more depth.

How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Church Planting

This must never be a surprise to us because we believe that God answers prayer. The Lord Jesus teaches us that prayer, united with faith prompts a reply from the Father Mat. Also we remember that when facing the most difficult barriers to the Kingdom of God we must prepare ourselves with prayer and fasting Mat. The Master also linked prayer to daily life with God, the need of every human being Lk. After His death we see these same disciples united in prayer Acts Peter and John went out together to pray Acts and the apostles gave their attention to teaching the Word and prayer Acts and the building up of the Church.

Paul tells us that he prays for the planted churches Eph. Prayer permeates the Kingdom on earth. I believe that there are possibly in the world today more than great church planting movements underway. In all of them their leaders testify to the presence of deliberate prayer, both voluntary and abundant. That is prayer as much by the team that evangelizes and plants churches as well as by the people that receive the Gospel. If we desire to plant churches we need to pray. However for 5 decades they were not coming to the Lord.

The missionaries who worked among them sharing the gospel did it in a very faithful way, from the beginning. About 10 years ago the church in Brazil, Venezuela and in many other countries around the World began to pray more and more for the Yanomami tribes. We see now a miracle happening.

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They are coming to the Lord in number! And from everywhere. Villages far from each other, without any contact are experiencing the impact of the Gospel at the same time. They are coming to Jesus, making songs of praise to Him and are all thirsty for the Word of God. In the indigenous meetings we have had in these last 2 years a number of Yanomami are coming. They want to speak to all about their conversion, sing their songs, and tell their stories.

I have no doubt that what we see among the Yanomami is a direct result of prayer. Rossana and I have experienced blessed moments in church planting among the Konkombas. A fact that we keep with gratitude in our hearts is the conviction that the birth of these churches was the answer of God to the prayers of His people. These people are watchmen in prayer. She produces monthly calendars with prayer requests of missionaries from around the world, and distributes them free to brethren who want to form groups to pray for these requests each week or each day.

Today this ministry has groups scattered over the whole of Brazil; two of them in prisons where believers meet together to intercede for missionary work.

Ways to Get Involved

We are convinced that the conversion of the Konkomba in the area we lived followed the movement of prayer. God answers prayer. Mobilize people to pray for your church planting ministry. Be the first to intercede daily before the Father for the people. Name them. Believe that God will answer prayer. Strategy 5 - Organization of local churches The joining together of converts in a local community for fellowship, study of the Word, prayer and mutual encouragement was the Pauline strategy. The election of elders and local leaders, freed the apostle for planting other churches and contributed to the maturing of the local community Acts The apostle Paul, therefore, did not spend all his time and energy in evangelism but concentrated also on the conclusion of this process that involved discipleship and organization of local churches.

We must notice the clear difference, therefore, between evangelism and church planting. While evangelism carries out the communication of the Gospel to an individual or group, aiming to lead them to the knowledge of Christ, church planting desires to carry out discipleship training, the joining together of the saints, the teaching of the Word, development of local leadership, and meetings for fellowship, worship and prayer as well as the rooting of a missionary zeal.

Michael Green calls our attention to the dynamic of the New Testament Church. Communion between the brethren Acts which was the characteristic of the people of God. The joining together of the saints is not simply a strategy of church planting but a fundamental need that we have as followers of Christ, to share with the brethren our faith, our praise, witness, encouragement, prayer and study of the Word. Evangelism and discipleship are two elements that need to work together in balance. If we emphasize the first to the detriment of the second we would have churches full of people interested in the Word, but with few really converted and mature in Christ.

With the opposite emphasis we would have a small group of believers, mature and firm in the faith, but living in a static congregation without the addition of new people to the Christian faith. Discipleship training is the best process to identify the future local leadership.

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  6. A church planter must identify among his disciples those that are leaders. In these he must invest effort so as to train them for leadership; beyond the study of the Word this allows them to accompany him on visits, in evangelism and in the solution of conflicts. Gathering for the public service of worship is an act that must be central in the organization of the local churches.

    We meet together for God and by God and public worship reminds us of this.

    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey
    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey
    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey
    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey
    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey
    Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey

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