Apokalypsis: The End of the World

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It is extraordinarily significant that the liturgical year ends with the feast of Christ the King. For this great fact—that Jesus Christ is the king of the world—is indeed the culmination of the biblical revelation. It is, in a very real sense, the point of the whole story the Bible is telling. Click here to refresh the feed. And what a little gem it is! Paul, precisely in the context of a letter to his church on spiritual matters, endeavors to speak of work?

The story conveyed in our first reading from the second book of Maccabees is one that resonates up and down the ages, that still stirs our hearts today.

We can talk about heaven, we can speculate about it, we can write learned treatises about it, and we can hope for it. But up and down the centuries, it is the martyrs—from the ancient Maccabees to the Christians slain by ISIS—that most vividly witness to the promise of heaven. They literally bet their lives on it.

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Zacchaeus, as chief tax collector, was considered a very bad man in first-century Israel, but Christ greets him with love. It is the love of God that causes everything to be, and comes before everything we do. God does not love us because we do good; we do good because God loves us. I wonder whether I might invite especially the elders among us to attend carefully to this letter. As he often does, Paul makes a comparison to sporting events.

Apokalypsis: The Final Warning (EPK)

There is something at stake in the Christian life, something worth striving for. It is like a great race, in which we strive to win. We are meant to make it to the goal line—and perhaps the last miles will be the hardest.

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The Bible and the great Tradition are massively interested in prayer, especially the prayer of petition. There are many types of prayer—meditation, contemplation, adoration, etc. Studies have shown that everyone prays, that even professed nonbelievers pray. It seems to be born of a profound instinct in the human heart. We ask God for things; we beg; we implore; we desire; we long. But what precisely is petitionary prayer, and how does it work? Our first reading and Gospel for this weekend shed a good deal of light on this issue.

I have always loved the story of Naaman the Syrian, which is found in the second book of Kings, as part of the Elisha cycle of readings.

Did Ghostbusters 2 predict the end of the world?

It is, on the surface at least, a very simple narrative, but it packs a punch spiritually speaking. Most questioners turned up the heat by putting special emphasis on the suffering of children and of the innocent.

Every single major theologian has wrestled with the issue, as well as many of our most important artists. And our first reading clearly indicates that people in biblical times wrestled with the very same issue. For this very influential and quirky German thinker, power is the fundamental reality—a perspective that has found its way into our cultural and political realms. But the Bible is not in sympathy with either the demonization of—or the exclusive holding up of—power.

Specifically, a revealing of world powers for the evil systems they have always been, and a disclosing of the true reality of the sovereign God in control of, aware of and involved in the situations of his people. Thus, a more historically accurate definition of apocalyptic worldview is to view the world culture, governments, economy, military, etc. This second definition does not look towards God destroying his creation but rather restoring, redeeming, and making new. These aims cannot be separated from the context and situations the writers found themselves or their audiences in.

These situations were often the cause and motivation for these writings. Scholars are then concerned with ancient history and literary influences and trends. Scholars strive to understand what apocalyptic authors meant through their books. In light of what scholars mean by apocalyptic worldview, Christians and churches today ought to examine our preconceptions of what apocalypticism means. In attempting to understand the Bible and its message, we should learn from scholars who have devoted their lives to the study of how the apocalyptic genre operates and how to read these foreign books.


We must hold to our understandings of the whole Bible humbly and be willing to readjust our readings to be more in line with how the original Biblical audiences understood scripture and how the writers, with divine inspiration, meant for the books to be read. Collins, John J. Third edition, Eerdmans, Goodrick, Edward W. Zondervan, Wood, D.

New Bible Dictionary. InterVarsity Press, Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Overview of Apocalypticism. Ruth Martin Follow. Papers I've done for school or other such ventures. Write the first response.

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Apokalypsis: The End of the World Apokalypsis: The End of the World
Apokalypsis: The End of the World Apokalypsis: The End of the World
Apokalypsis: The End of the World Apokalypsis: The End of the World
Apokalypsis: The End of the World Apokalypsis: The End of the World
Apokalypsis: The End of the World Apokalypsis: The End of the World

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